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A R T      T R A N S C E N D I N G      B O U N D A R I E S



The vigorous edge potentially provided by a highly skilled, full service design firm operating out of a dedicated teams in Dubai and Cairo.


Emphasis placed on project design and planning together with the ever important issues of quality, functionality, aesthetic and budget


Specialized in Design consultancy and Project Management for:

•           Design & fit-out luxury interiors, exhibition stands & events,

•           Turn-key refurbishment of residential and commercial premises.

•           Architectural Scale Model and Rendering.




Our aim is to provide solutions capable of sustaining our client’s long-term business objectives.


We achieve this by delivering the discipline (art and science) of defining and managing the vision, tasks and resources required completing a project. 


It is really the management acumen that oversees the conversion of ‘vision’ into ‘reality’...” Our philosophy is produce the most aesthetic design concepts and project solutions in harmony with your corporate identity. 


Our aim is adding to the market a new and unique philosophy concepts ensure the best exposure and visibility for specific artistic, the high quality of design & turn-key jobs for its projects.





Provide a very successful Design Methods for HOTELS, RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL and RETAIL.


I believe that beyond the issue of style, elements, colors, patterns and lightings influences the body and the emotions react; therefore I guarantee you a unique design suit your choice. And your requirement


With a contemporary design team creates in each project the integration between the artistic touch and the technical awareness of design and project management






My philosophy is produce the most aesthetic design concepts and project solutions in harmony with your corporate identity, according to your budget and your taste.


The design is more than a service or a tool; its inspiration & corporate spirit, sets you apart from your competitors and sells your business.


The essence of any successful exhibition stand, many other factors have an influence upon that success, but layout, shape, form and overall look are crucial in an environment where your competitors may be in attendance.




As far as Architectural Models are concerned,  we offers an extensive range of professional, architectural, scale model building services at a pricing level that is cost-effective and competitive.  To prove this fact, our Clients range from large architectural firms to individual homeowners and we can produce models to any scale, representing large complex developments or small intricate projects. 


We can support our clients in architecture solutions, landscaping, & 3D renders.


Our architectural models have been utilized in many different methods of communication, as per the list following;


 Schematic Design

Design Development

 Architectural Presentations
 Site Models



Art works



All spaces; empty or full, modern or classic, all interiors or exteriors, to be solo & present its essence & philosophy, we will perfect it with a sculpture and mosaic speak to every eye, and painting  to every memory. It is an ART, a step from something obvious and well-known toward what is concealed. To make your space a real living masterpiece, we will give you our confessions in the form of our artworks


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